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October 20, 1940

Dear Miss Cotter,
  I write with great satisfaction to confirm your successful instatement as matron of Southway House orphanage. I was saddened to find your previous employers dissatisfied with your particular talents. You have my word as a gentleman of repute that such practices are not shunned here. Indeed, it is my wish to see them encouraged.
  Times are difficult, that much is undeniable. We find ourselves in the middle of a war; there will be casualties and many children will lose their families. My peers would tell you that my views are morbid and that this war shall be concluded by the years end. Many have not faced conflict personally; they know not by what vile means war can change a man. Were this fact reversed they might instead call my aims altruistic.
  Children need a firm hand, doubly so during such times of poverty and distress. They must understand completely the gravity of our troubles and subsequently know the value of hard discipline. If the war lasts into their older years some of these children may even be called to fight. What hope remains for our great nation when its future is entrusted to a generation of entitled snobs grown fat in their complacency? This I will not allow.
  My injuries may keep me from joining my brothers on the front line but nonetheless my duty for queen and country shall be done. Southway House shall be remembered not for its opulence but for righteous acts during such dire times of need. It shall be you, Miss Cotter, who shall act as the instrument by which these events come to pass.
  My steward will contact you shortly regarding further arrangements.
  I remain,
  Sincerely yours,

Elijah Southway
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MWBlueWolf Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Student Writer
I like how the story isn't sated outright, but is instead being set up piece by piece. I can't wait until it gets to the scarier parts. :meow:
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