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Nasrin and Dexderidas by PeregrinFrisk Nasrin and Dexderidas :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 0 0
Southway Chronicles - Entry #4
October 20, 1940
Dear Miss Cotter,
  I write with great satisfaction to confirm your successful instatement as matron of Southway House orphanage. I was saddened to find your previous employers dissatisfied with your particular talents. You have my word as a gentleman of repute that such practices are not shunned here. Indeed, it is my wish to see them encouraged.
  Times are difficult, that much is undeniable. We find ourselves in the middle of a war; there will be casualties and many children will lose their families. My peers would tell you that my views are morbid and that this war shall be concluded by the years end. Many have not faced conflict personally; they know not by what vile means war can change a man. Were this fact reversed they might instead call my aims altruistic.
  Children need a firm hand, doubly so during such times of poverty and distress. They must understand completely the gravity of our troubles and subsequently know the value of hard dis
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Southway Chronicles - Entry #3
Text message log for: +447362936627
Date: 21/02/2013
[20:48]Mark: R U still going?
[20:48]Beth: Im already on my way there.
[20:49]Mark: wt?! bt we agreed 2 go 2gether! i shud
            hav known youd pull sumthin lk this.
[20:50]Beth: I need 2 do this Mark. Wht i dont need
            is U 2nd guessing me.
[20:51]Mark: Thats not wot i ment. Im jst worried
            bout U. This obsession isnt healthy.
            wot do U xspect 2 find there anyway?
[20:53]Beth: I dont know. Mayb something, praps
            nothin @ all. Either way i wont know
            unless i look.
[20:54]Mark: Alright look im comin out 2 meet U.
            Jst w8 4 me outside ok? that place
            isnt safe any more.
[20:54]Beth: I dont think it eva was.
:iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 1 0
Southway Chronicles - Entry #2
I have come back, dearest sister. Finally I have returned to the very foundations of this place after an eternity resisting its inexorable draw. A piece of me remains, as ever it has done, within these very walls. Although we lived separate lives before arriving here, in many ways this is our point of origin, our birthplace and beginning.
I know what you would say, that efforts such as mine are nought but futile graspings in the darkness. I can still see your face as you speak the words, as you take my hand in yours and reveal so very softly that reconciliation of the past is impossible. And in time I would find that you are right; my continued attempts destined only to languish in emptiness and regret.
But I must turn from your council on this occasion, sister, not in defiance but in desperation. For you see there are many bonds that bind us, threads of fate that weave intricate patterns betwixt my life and your own. But no single bond more resembles a chain than the shackles wrought
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Southway Chronicles - Entry #1
Zachary Carmichael - Paranormal Investigator
11th May 2013  
Re: Investigation into Southway House.  
What follows is a report into alleged reports of paranormal activity surrounding the house and grounds of Southway House, Wiltshire.  
Preliminary Research
Southway House is a stone built Victorian manor house located one mile east of the town of Mere in Wiltshire, England. The house’s design and construction was commissioned in 1872 by George Southway, a wealthy and influential member of the local parish. The house was completed in 1876.  
Southway House sits in approximately one hundred and fifty acres of ground with an ornamental lake and extensive gardens which are now wild and overgrown. A brick built air raid shelter installed in 1939 can be found at the rear of the property, close to the edge of the nearby Chadenwick Wood. The house itself was constructed over a natural spring and water for the house is supplied by a freshwater well in the basement.  
In 1901 Georg
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Try your luck? by PeregrinFrisk Try your luck? :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 10 6 Fox Inkworks Banner by PeregrinFrisk Fox Inkworks Banner :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 3 1 Frsk - Head Sketches by PeregrinFrisk Frsk - Head Sketches :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 6 3
The Blood of the Dragon
'One more lays dead at our feet, my brothers!'
A company of some thirteen armoured men stood at the foot of the dragon corpse. They looked on with a combined anticipation, each of their expectant faces trained eagerly on the man who now paced the length of the creature's motionless spine with jubilant ease.
'Another treacherous beast is slain by our hands!' Baronur threw his arms wide as he addressed his men triumphantly from atop his latest kill. His usual deep and foreboding voice was now laced with the unmistakable high-spirited mirth of victory. He crossed the dragon's body and with great strength pulled out the gleaming sword that he had previously buried deep in the creature's skull.
'Rejoice, my brothers, for today we have given of ourselves that this blighted land might be freed from the tyranny of dragons, if only for a short while.'
For a moment the men shared looks of confusion and bewilderment, each one regarding Baronur with a worried uncertainty.
The dragon slayer surveye
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Saerys by PeregrinFrisk Saerys :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 3 5 Frisk - Ready For Action by PeregrinFrisk Frisk - Ready For Action :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 41 17 Escapist Podcast Team by PeregrinFrisk Escapist Podcast Team :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 0 0 Fox Hound by PeregrinFrisk Fox Hound :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 5 2 Feral Frisk - Blink Animation by PeregrinFrisk Feral Frisk - Blink Animation :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 9 3 Tangmere by PeregrinFrisk Tangmere :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 2 3 Peregrin Frisk - Head Shot by PeregrinFrisk Peregrin Frisk - Head Shot :iconperegrinfrisk:PeregrinFrisk 16 1


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PeregrinFrisk's Profile Picture
Peregrin Frisk
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hello, my name is Frisk. I enjoy drawing although I don't get a lot of time to dedicate to it. I tend to draw whatever interests me at the time so my work could be about anything at all and could be any kind of quality! I am also what the internet likes to call a furry so expect to see plenty of anthropomorphic animals too.

I don't do requests, commissions or art trades, at least I haven't done so yet. However, if the planets align perfectly and I am interested enough, I may change my mind. You never know :3 Until that time I draw for my own enjoyment and to - hopefully - spread some joy to others.

If you wish to use any of my work in a project of your own or for any other reason please feel free to drop me a line; I'm generally quite accommodating and only bite on a Thursday. Besides, what's the use of creating something if you cannot share it with others?
  • Listening to: Atlantis - David Arkenstone
  • Reading: Illustrated History of the Second World War
  • Watching: Markiplier let's plays on YouTube
  • Playing: Alan Wake
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Tea
I have started a new literary project. It is called The Southway Chronicles and it's a ghost/mystery story told from the perspective of four people from different times, through letters and notes written by them. It is set anywhere between the years of 1940 and 2013.

I wanted to do something different, something small that could still be classed as writing but wasn't as labour intensive as my (in progress) novel. It seems to have worked because writing the first three entries was pure joy; finally I can learn to love my craft!

sadly I had some trouble uploading my entries to DA because they take the format of images. The very nature of the chronicles means that they require some very specific formatting. Sadly DA doesn't allow images in the literature category so I've had to settle for uploading plain text here.

BUT never fear! For you can view the chronicles as they were originally intended at their very own blog:… I hope to add new entries a couple of times a week, to keep a nice steady drip feed going.

Let me know what you think.

~ Frisk ~


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Thanks for watching, fellow Brit. :-)
PeregrinFrisk Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem ^_^ It's great to see someone in our fandom who has such a mature approach to art. Also nice to meet a fellow countryman; I'm not seeing a great many Brits pop up lately.
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Eh, pretty sure most people wouldn't call it mature, but it works for me. =p Just trying to be different.

And likewise; we seem especially thin on the ground in furry. Almost as rare as furs who don't do porn. =p
PeregrinFrisk Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I take it that you've seen the majority of the furry arts available? Sure, there's some amazing non-porn artists but I just dislike the unwritten rule that porn and furry go hand in hand. A simple case of supply and demand I guess :3

In any case, a pleasure to meet you, to be sure! *Tips hat*
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